Run, Hot Dog, Run

Milla Jovovich has nothing on Frank.

The Wall

Mar 4 '14
Haha! Beautiful!!
Mar 4 '14
The only thing it lacks is greasy slobber flying out of his mouth.
ZBHO Legend
Mar 5 '14
It will be added in post! :)
Mar 6 '14
ZBHO Legend
Mar 7 '14
dude I want a longer loop... but maybe to this track http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIpfWORQWhU
Mar 8 '14
this is hypnotic, can't stop watching
ZBHO Legend
Mar 8 '14
I cried with joy!
Mar 12 '14
Love it!!!
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By Brad Groatman
Added Mar 4 '14

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