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    We have something here that encourages us to get together, work on art (side by side) and possibly even collaborate with one another in the Video hangout rooms(upper right icon). For me this website was honestly life changing.
    The rooms are quite empty lately and I believe this can contributed to the fact some of our members are working on personal projects, but I also think that some of the welcoming committees people are encountering when they first get here are less then helpful in encouraging those whom we want to stick around to do as such.
    so here is a small code of conduct I want to put out there that I want some feedback on but to take into consideration when in the hangouts.
    1. Please be respectful.
    Remember we are open to all people here and your conduct is reflective upon us as a community.
    Watch what you say.
    Although we respect everyones freedoms of speech here, There are things you can say that you may feel is not offensive, that can come off as terribly offensive to others. With that in mind.
    Be aware of your surroundings.
    We have had a few people come in the hangouts that could be quite valuable to know and we want to be able to make sure those people don't leave with a terrible taste in their mouths. So be aware of the people in the rooms...
    if you have never seen that person, ask them who they are, ask to see their work. Show some interest in the people who come in. If there is a girl in the room, consider holding back on that amazing dick joke that you know will make the entire audible room lose their shit.
    That girl could be a daughter to a very powerful person that may have bearing on one of our peoples lives (its a small world and you never know). ;)
    that being said, no one has to kiss anyone's ass here, just be fucking respectful and show some insight on the people you are around. The same jokes you tell your best friend is not the same jokes you would tell a colleague 1st day on the job.

    let's get more people in the hangouts who can follow this basic code of conduct and possibly have a similar goal of making things around here work better, as we all should. the more people around who make this thing more worth while the more we are gonna see better work out our folks here @ ZBHO.

    Thanks in advance for the support.
    Nick Sho Ito and the ZBHO FAM.
    Aug 24 '14
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    Aug 28 '14
    Well said!
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